Thursday, July 24, 2008

Humorous Cartoon-Mrunmayee

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!


elf_asura said...

1. I think your visual treatment ought to improve. While things like perspective etc are not so important when it comes to a single-frame cartoon and even the figures and sets can be wonky; you need to move to a stronger visual style and consistency. When you come to your four-frame and eight-frame cartoons, you will need all your visual skills to have a consistent, coherent narrative.
2. I like the political cartoon - but think again about the visual treatment of the humorous one though I get the point of grandpa having the kid dumped on him (right?)

Mrunmayee said...

hi avy..
i am glad you got the point of the kid being dumped on grandpa (though the grandpa looks 20 years younger than what he should actually look!)
i completely agree with the visual treatment bit..and i am aware i have no other solution but to sketch..
also, i am sort of struggling with casually bringing in the element of humor without actually forcing it into the cartoon (single-frame)..or is making these political cartoons one of the "either-you-get-it or you don't" cases?