Saturday, August 9, 2008

INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUGUST 16 - deadlines and submissions

Hello People
1. There must be 150 sketches in your sketch books by August 16. Those who do not have 150 sketches need not come to class. The sketches must now revolve both around your explorations of nature, still life, human form and also explorations of your first and second characters in terms of showing the characters in a variety of gestures, bodily movements and gestures and situating your characters in different contexts and settings within the cartoon frame.
2. Develop a second character who will enter into interaction and dialogue with the first character you developed last week. Create a six-panel cartoon in which your first character and second character enter into a relationship and interact - both via image and text.
3. Now is the time for you to decide what format your final comic book will be. We expect a final comic book of at least 30 six-frame segments. You are to individually decide whether you will have a single, running storyline across the 30 frames or whether you would like to have five six-frame stories, each one individual and separate from the other. You must choose your option and develop your six-panel stories based on your choice.
4. The following students can enter the August 16 class only after meeting Geetha Narayanan and getting her permission to enter the class as this course does not allow for bunking and non-submission of works on time:
(a) Aashim Raj
(b) Vaibhav Raghunandan
(c) Radha Mahendru
(d) Narayanan Poomulli
(e) Pallavi Manchi
(f) Pratapaditya N Deb
5. All students must upload their first character and first six-panel cartoon onto the blog latest by Monday August 11, 2008. No submission will be entertained after this date on this account as this is Assignment Three for assessment. (Assignment One was the political/humorous single frame cartoon. Assignment Two was the WallPoster Comic based on an issue and a story. Those whose Assignments 1 and 2 are not uploaded by Monday August 11 will be considered as having not delivered their assignment.)
6. All students must upload their second character and second six-panel cartoon latest by Wednesday August 20, 2008. No submission will be entertained after this date on this account.
7. All students are expected to upload work in progress onto the blog with comments and seeking feedback from Avy+Raghu as they go forward. The blog is a space for interactive feedback, learning and submissions and must be used for the same purpose.
8. All students are expected to bring in their two text-image assignments completed on August 23 to class for discussion.
9. Commendations: Shyamli, Pia, Mrunmayee.
Good luck.

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