Friday, August 8, 2008


Hey Guys
1. Raghu and I expect everyone to have their 90 Sketches over three weeks in place in their sketch books. Your fulfilling your sketch quotas is mandatory on this course. Those who do not come to class with these sketches stand to lose their time in the class because you are going to be allowed in only if you fulfil the sketch quota every week. This is for your own good. :-)
2. It will be great to look at and see what sort of characters you have created and how you have integrated them into the six-panel story. I do not expect every one of you to close their six-panel stories (if you have done so and it can stand alone, then it's alright). But for those who find closure tough within the six panels, you can look at this as the beginning six panels of an entire story you will be constructing in the coming weeks - YOUR OWN COMIC BOOK.

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